Monday, December 29, 2008

And....sigh of relief

So Christmas is over, the goose is not getting fat, but is now dead cause we ate it. Yay Christmas!

We had...a good Christmas, a difficult Christmas, a hilarious Christmas...all of the above, much like most families I assume. Christmas with mom can always be a hard time, sometimes we kids of hers make it more difficult. But in general, certainly looking back at it, we had a good time. We ate at The Cheesecake Factory, that was good until about 11:00 that night, then it reared its ugly head, but no matter. We saw Valkyrie, that was okay, but believe it or not, slightly underdone and we had Christmas bagels and Dunkin Munchkins and then we all went home.

My mother is my spiritual test and as much as I tried I don't think I emulated the Buddha too well, but emulating the Buddha requires you to not judge yourself either, so be it.

We had fun in Wisconsin visiting John's family, they're on the way more normal side of the family scale so that trip consisted of smiling at babies, smiling at little children and smiling at thoughtful gifts for our trip and such. It also consisted of watching Remo play in 10 inches of snow, which is a riot.

And the greatest gift of all, coming home to sidewalks free and clear of obstruction, all the ice had melted by the time we got home and I just cannot express the joy of walking my dog on plain old regular sidewalks. Just days ago those sidewalks were my enemy, and today, they are my best friends.

I even went out for a run this morning, in sunshine!

I am ready to ring in the new year with friends and am looking forward, very much forward to 2009.

Take that unemployment!


Mental P Mama said...

Happy New Year, Cutie!

smussyolay said...

right? walking on them, with reckless abandon? caring not which side you walk on? what shoes you're wearing? that, my friend, is a christmas gift and miracle for the ages.