Wednesday, November 19, 2008

She's a big girl

Okay, so, I'm playing Fable II. Yeah yeah, I totally went and bought it for myself. I knew I would like it, its totally Legend of Zelda mixed with The Sims.

And last night I ended up playing for an embarassing amount of time. But man oh man it felt so good. I used to get lost in video games a long time ago, but last night I just sunk into it and it was delicious.

So anyway! I'm playing a girl Hero, and in this game you can choose to be a bad guy or you can choose to be a good guy and everything in the middle. You have quests you have to go on, but you can also stay in town and Sim it up by convincing someone to marry you, or you can buy houses and start running businesses. The game is very cool because if you decide to go good, you start becoming more attractive and eventually get your own halo. If you decide to go bad you get scars and you get ugly and big and weird.

So I've been convincing myself to go bad, its a lot harder than you think. You have to kill villagers and eat baby chicks, you have to yell at your dog and kick chickens. But also, the way to save yourself from dying, or the way to get more health, is to eat food, and there's all different kinds of food. Good food and bad food.

So my bad lady, who I keep purposely making stronger physically -- so she's getting really big anyway -- kept eating all the bad food (I didn't really realize there was "good" food) and she got really fat! Now I have this huge fat strong lady running around, I mistakenly bought her some vertically striped pants and she has this weird hat on and gentleman's boots and she's really hilarious running around the countryside.

Fable II = time stealer.

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Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you babe. No matter what your virtual body looks like.