Thursday, November 20, 2008

ISHT - Stairway to Heaven Edition


Many things may change little blog, but ISHT is here to stay!

So, I may have mentioned that John and I are both trying to lose weight and get strong for Thailand. Really, get strong. Yes, it would be nice to be a lithe and lean traveler, but I what I most want is energy and strength. And treks and the beaches of Thailand are a really great inspiration.

So, I've been doing my playground workouts which I love and it really opens my eyes to how I can use the environment around me to my advantage. This morning I did my regular run and then ran up and down the stairs of the Metra stop near me. Um. Ow.

I've also found some of the exercise shows on the On Demand for Comcast. So far these are great! Yesterday I did a twenty minute arm and a twenty minute ab workout, and I'm definitely feeling these.

Who needs a gym huh? WHO? I am of course worrying about the day that it just gets too cold to run outside, but I do have the treadmill and my itrain workouts, so I will settle for those again when I have to. But for now, I'm enjoying using the things around my environment for my purposes.



Julene said...

Totally love the on demand workouts! Only good thing I will ever say about comcast.

Michael, Chicago IL said...

Tell me what you learned about Burham and Grant Parks! Amateur Chicago historians want to know.