Friday, November 21, 2008

Survivor Spoilers Ahead!

Okay, Survivor spoilers ahead! Everyone beware.

Okay, my lord, a few things here.

First, Nobag is the worst team name in the history of Survivor. No, in the history of games. Nobag. What were they thinking?? Oh my lord, this group really is dense.

Second, um Randy? was that THE dumbest plan? My lord man! Piss everyone else off assuming that poor bob has the idol. Did everyone just forget that Sugar has been to Exile 80,000 times and probably has it? I swear they have forgotten, girl is sitting on the real idol and no one brought it up?

Third, Bob! BOB!? I can't believe he did that to Randy. I'm not sure what Bob was thinking other than he's the only one who sees Sugar's power...or maybe Bob just really hated Randy, but I was really surprised that Bob played that mean trick on Randy. OH my god, that was something else! Them all laughing?

They really are so stupid this time around and I love it, it really makes for a fascinating season. Go Matty. You know, I also really didn't like the idea of Exile Island at first, but now this whole extra immunity idol thing is making for some really interesting game choices. And the previews for next week (is it on on Thanksgiving?) look fantastic in that regard. I'm excited.

Okay other than that, things are going well here, John's getting some work coming in and I'm getting minimally paid for writing, but that's more than I made for writing a month ago, so what the hell. We have a crazy busy weekend coming up and that's fun.

So yay!

Almost turkey day.

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Julene said...

I finally watched this episode. I sincerely think it was the funniest thing ever for Bob to make the fake idol. Can't believe he's trying to continue the joke (or is he?) with the thrown away idol. Randy deserves every piece of ridicule that he will get from his stupidity. Did you get the idea that he was just trying to eliminate one minority at a time? Seems like that was his irrational gameplan to me. I can't figure out if Crystal is rope-a-doping or not.