Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hey Saturday

Hey, look at me blogging on a Saturday morning! Very rarely has this happened.

Anyway, since all the days seem like all the other days, what difference does a Saturday morning post make? NONE!

So, Halloween turned out a little differently than expected. I'm just going to go ahead and say that the Hixx household had a bit of a hard week this week and Halloween was the unfortunate but neccessary ending to our week. I'm glad its over. I'm glad its Saturday and I'm glad as hell I'm married to the man I'm married to.

You know, with two people out of work, right after you get married, there is oh so much to fear, oh so much negativity it is just too easy to latch on to, it is an easy choice to make to go to a dark place and stay there.

But I really think John and I are making the choice to not be in that place. Him especially, he is such a rock, such an optimistic fellow and such a big supporter of this little family of ours.

Anyway, its a new week in our house, this morning I worked my ass off outside, inspired by that lady on Oprah who used the playground equipment to do a bunch of working out.

Thanks you guys for giving me the weird permission I need to enjoy some time off, to get some work done, to enjoy my husband, to enjoy this beautiful fall, to enjoy running and to enjoy my blog and its readers.


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