Monday, November 03, 2008

Da Mere

Well, you just never know what each day will bring!

First off, I busted my ass- almost literally - on that damn playground exercising. I am in serious pain. Feels good.

Second, I did a one day temp gig at this big luncheon at the Sheraton Hotel. What a riot! I was working the book table, tons of books (it was a big Holocaust survivors lunch) and I was selling books and it was fun, I like books.

And afterwards, I'm standing at my little table and Mayor Daley walks right by, looks right at me, says "hello" and I stuck out my hand and said "NICE TO MEET YOU!".

It was really fun.

Tomorrow I go to the movies with my mother. I bet I won't see the Mayor there, but you never know.

Good day!


smussyolay said...

where is this playground exercise you're talking about?

Hixx said...

It's just your own thing, but you use benches to do "stepping" on, or tricep dips, and then you use the monkey bars to do those ab workouts where you hang and lift your legs up? And then you can do pullups and stuff, and run up the slide...

playground workout!

stephanie said...

I haven't seen Mayor Daley at the movies, but I did see Gov. B. jogging down Damen a couple weeks ago.