Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday is still Friday

Just finished watching Barack. He already looks so presidential. I love it. I swear I feel better just knowing he's out there. And he already said something that has a direct impact on me, that he will extend unemployment him.

I had a really good breakfast with my brother today. Sometimes I forget how wonderful my family is, or family is in general. I just needed a little reminder of what's important to me in my life, and being an admin in a corporation isn't it. I'm sorry, that's just not my priority right now, and I'm going to stop apologizing for it. Hurumph.

Okay, a few things here:

Saw Changeling and I hated every minute of it. I thought the original premise was hard to believe (and I'll believe almost everything, seriously) and the movie went on way way way too long. And it also had no real resolution, it was this completely depressing movie just for depressing's sake and I'm not down with that.

Survivor: Survivor rules. I think its just as good this season as last. I go back and forth between everyone so much. For one week I think Sugar might pull this thing out and that she's secretly a really smart player, and then I see she's just power of suggestion and believes everything everyone tells her. I love Kenny, then I don't, I love Matty, then I don't, one thing I know for sure is that Randy bugs the shit out of me, King of Gabon my ass.

The last Harry Potter book is by far the best. She is actually writing here instead of telling a neat story.

I've been working hard on my Nanowrimo, I'm still behind, but hell..I got time.

Happy weekend!

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smussyolay said...

i have no interest in seeing changeling (clint eastwood: epic depresso movies, angelina jolie: something just bugs about her), but wasn't the original premise really a true story?

i saw some weird ass dateline NBC thing once where these two girls got into a car accident and one died and one was in a coma ... with the wrong family. and they didn't know for a long time. weird.

nanowrimo. i'm way behind. that dr. wicked app is pretty interesting (

the movies i'd currently like to see (not that you asked) are:

nick and norah's
zack and miri
role models

obviously, i'm looking for some laughs.

p.s. i'm SO happy barack is our new president!