Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Wow. Okay, so Tuesday.

So yesterday I had 3 recruiters, a part time job and an a phone interview on Weds.

Today, I have no part time job, I pissed off a recruiter (sorry, I don't want massive overtime, shoot me) so therefore, no phone interview on Weds.


Keep it together Hixx. If it can change so much in one day for the worse, it can change just as fast for the better. Right? Oh lord.

We went to our "ministers" 50th birthday party last night. What a riot, a hilarious group of people in one room, eating homemade moraccan food, drinking the shot we made (the illustrious "pink taco" which consists of vodka and Capri Sun) and tip toeing around political talk. It was fun.

And one more thing, I can't bear to really talk about the election anymore, I am literally holding my breath, trying to get through the next week.

But I will say this, as part of a couple who was rapidly climbing the financial security ladder and then in a matter of months dropped 1,000 rungs down the ladder, I want Obama now more than ever. It's not just lip service because I think he's handsome. And maybe you could call me crazy for this, but I believe with every bone in my body that Obama cares more about what happens to me and John then McCain ever would. You know? I honestly believe Obama is going to try and make this country better. He comes from Chicago, where our politicians know that what is good for the country (or city) is good for that politician.

And I can't help but think the economy would get a lovely little bump after he wins.

Anyway, pray for me dear blog readers. Tonight...cheese fries.

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Michael, Chicago IL said...

You betcha, cheese fries!