Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh where is my mind

I completely forgot it was ISHT yesterday. This is what comes from not working!

So, I'm still running, I'm still fat and I'm still unemployed.


Ha. So anyway.

Some are saying that they're not digging this season of Survivor. And their reasons? Everyone is really stupid.

And you know what? Everyone is, REALLY STUPID. It's amazing. What are they all thinking keeping Sugar and Ace on when they're passing that idol back and forth. Sugar, what are you doing? I love Kenny talking to her, and Sugar tells him she has it and that she gave it to Ace. Kenny's like, you gave it to him? That's dangerous. Sugar's like, he never asked me for it, I just gave it to him.

Ahhhhh! Are you kidding me?

And then the whole team knows that she has it and no one tries to out the idol? I don't get it.

And Matty my MVP is awesome and had a total Ozzy move last night jumping over the maze instead of going through it, but he's also standing around waiting for someone to take control.

Anyway, I like this season, everyone's all over the place, next week looks fun with a double elimination and the beauty of Survivor is how different it is season, and this is just as good as any other. I feel like there's a lot under the surface...

So, its Friday right? Friday? Okay, well everyone working enjoy your Friday, for me...just like any other day!

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