Thursday, October 02, 2008

ISHT - Run Fatboy Run Edition



Or…maybe not.

Let’s just say the Hixx gained some weight over the wedding, a few pounds, but a few pounds definitely make pants feel tighter, and it just makes me feel generally googly.

So, back on track!

With John’s encouragement I went back to running on Saturday, had a terrible run, but I knew I was going to because it was the first one back, I didn’t want to go and well…we set ourselves up for stuff like that. My second run this week was great and my third run last night was a little rough, but it was supposed to be.

So I think this is my new plan, one long run a week, one “sprint” run a week (I’d really like to get a faster time) and one medium run a week, an “enjoyment” run, where I just go and am not trying to go faster or longer, just running.

It’s interesting to me now how much of a discipline this is. How two weeks off can make getting back into it so much harder, not just the running, but the eating too. I’ve been eating massive amounts of meat, which absolutely upticks my bread and carb stuff too. Ah…to just not have to worry about it anymore.

I’m also thinking I really need some help. A dear friend (HI DORI!) has been really committed in going to her trainer, and watching her food and she looks FANTASTIC! Really, so great, she looks strong and happy and proud. Now, I know my running is good for me and that eventually, I enjoy it, but it feels like a waste to be doing this on my own, when I want to get into more strength training etc…I have no gym, don’t live close to a gym, and can’t afford a gym anyhow, but there is one personal training guy who has a storefront by me, and a Pilates studio not that far away. I think in the upcoming winter months I might try and use their help, so I’m not just wasting time lifting 5 pound weights in my living room.

Anyway, it was fun to live in the freedom of doing whatever I wanted for a couple of weeks, but like Vegas, even though its fun to let go of all my discipline sometimes, it also feels really good to get back to structure. The Hixx loves structure.

PALIN BIDEN TONIGHT! And I like many others, assume that not much is going to come out of tonight either way, but alas, I’m still watching (we’re having peeps over too, its not fun alone!) and hoping that she mucks it up like she mucked up the Supreme Court question…my favorite.

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