Wednesday, October 01, 2008

How Hixx Got Her Groove Back

Ah yes, the wedding starts to fade.

My salt and pepper grays are starting to show through my perfectly highlighted hair.

The paunch acquired through cheeseburgers and crab legs is pushing through my pants.

The warmth of Indian summer has given way to jackets and socks.

The world looks the same, everyone keeps going to work and coming home as I sit here restlessly remembering two weeks ago when I was eating Hackneys with my brother who I desperately miss today.

Disparate, emotional tears are sprung at the mildest mention of “joy” or hell…anything.

But it’s okay! It’s just very weird to emerge back into the world from the happy and safe cocoon of “WEDDING.”

It is time to move forward now, to make my presence known to the world in whatever way I choose to express it, now…I just have to find out what that way is.


I’m reading “The Spirit of Disobedience” by Curtis White who wrote my manifesto “The Middle Mind.” The tag line of this book is “Resisting the charms of fake politics, mindless consumption and the culture of total work”


It’s fascinating though, I’m really enjoying it, he just went into a huge diatribe on why “Office Space” is one of the worst movies ever to be presented to the American people. I could tell you why, but that would mean I’d have to kill you.

I am both upset and ecstatic about my lack of TV viewing.

I am up to date on Survivor (OF COURSE, it's going to be a great season, GO MATTY!), ANTM and Project Runway. Anything else (Oh Gossip Girl, will we ever be bff again? Oh I hope so) just has to fall by the wayside at this point. I just can’t keep up! And since John and I instituted No TV Tuesdays, (what were we thinking?) I have no idea what Lauren and Lo are up to, I haven’t seen the depressions of Oprah or even dipped my toe into the new 90210.

Don’t ask what’s wrong with me, I can’t figure it out myself.

Work is iffy, running is coming back to the forefront and home is a cozy haven.


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Julene said...

I haven't watched the latest Hills, so I can't help you out there. And, man, Fringe is kinda fun on Tuesdays. Of course, I didn't get to watch that either since Comcast decided to re-cable the entire building on Tuesday night from 8:15-9:45.