Friday, October 03, 2008

Playing on expert

Hello Friday!Everyone say a little secularist prayer for my mom, she had three teeth removed today and will probably have to have more. Ah, the pain of watching your parents get old is vivid. This is for sure.

Luckily, I have my new book to inspire me, partly with this quote right here:

“The great epochs in our life are at the points when we gain courage to rebaptize our badness as the best in us” – Nietzsche

There’s been a lot of Nietzsche presenting himself to me in the past few weeks…maybe I should read more?Anyway, Smith is starting to take us to a place of - instead of human beings trying to live by the Golden Rule which doesn’t work for us anymore in our hyper-techno society; we should be living by the rule of “this is what I would give to the future if I could.” It’s a really interesting question I am challenging myself to answer.

So, speaking of the future, how about them debates huh? My opinion is that of the others who think like me, so there is not much new to say here except this fine distinction I thought up last night: Last night’s debate was much like a game of Guitar Hero with two people of different skill levels. One can play on “expert” and one can play on “easy” and they can still compete against each other. It is even possible, nay probable, that the one playing on “easy” will win.

Biden was playing on expert, Palin on easy. They were, as far as I can tell, having two totally different debates. Yes, she did a good job as far as that goes, yes, he did a good job as far as that goes, but its apples to oranges. Her knowledge of the issues is surface, his are deep.

And that is all there is.

Oh, except that I firmly believe that they coached her to say nuclear incorrectly. 'Cause that's the way real folks say it.

So I’d like to enjoy this weekend, as my future is unknowable but it does not need to be my mother’s future. It is no longer about what the future will or can do for me, but what I can do for it. I will respect the “expert” and try to educate the “easy.”

Then I’ll watch Survivor Gabon, because at least it’s a fair fight.

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