Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Little Bit Softer Now

Okay, so just a little more wedding talk, and then I’ll be done, I promise. But I worked hard for this mutha; I have to revel in it just a little bit longer!

My dear friend Dan Izzo gave me some wedding advice when this all started “It’s whatever you want to make it. It’s for you and John and you can do it anyway you want to. Don’t do things you never do anyway, like a first dance, if you guys don’t dance together normally, don’t pressure yourself to dance at your wedding.”

This advice took me a long way when I was planning this, letting me leave out such things as veils, or bouquet tossing (always felt so MEAN to me, bouquet tossing), or garter grabbing.

I asked Dan when he was here for the wedding, the short moment I actually go to talk to him; if he had any marriage advice for me….Dan always has the best advice. And he said “yes I do actually, and it’s the same as your wedding advice: This is whatever you two want to make it. Now that you’re married, it doesn’t mean that John comes home, kicks off his shoes and has a beer while you make dinner (ha, like that would happen anyway). You decide what this marriage is, how you want to work it, it’s yours, and you can create anything you want for it.”

Ah, he’s a wise man.

I just thought that was really interesting advice and I plan on taking it.
And just in case anyone thought we left Remo to fend for himself while we did it up, here’s a pic of Remo at dog camp! He goes with Elisabeth and Ralph and Radar, and as you can plainly see, has the best time ever.

So I continue to let my mind let go of all the still pent up energy, let my mind roll over continuing wedding dress anxieties (yeah, they still wake me up at night, weird) and I just let it all go into the universe for some other bride to pick up and take hold of it.

It’s fun to let my mind wander now….to let it dream about what happens next, where John and I will go in our lives, together.

Tomorrow, Gabon, I promise!

Wendy and Ross extravaganza:

Me expressing angst with John's Groom Shrimp Cocktail:

The Best Man and Best Woman...love this pic


Mental P Mama said...

Groom Shrimp Cocktail! I love it. And your friend Dan is a very wise man, indeed. Loving the pics. More please;)

Crescent said...

oh man. Besides my dress explosion this was my favorite night of the summer. What a fun and precious and lovely night. I cried almost the whole time just from how much you are loved and love. I felt really lucky to be a part of it. Jason said the same thing.

And that wedding advice is spot on. You guys are the real deal and always will be.

Hixx said...

Thanks guys! More pics as our actual photographer posts some pics!

And Crescent, thank you for saying that my friend.

And don't be scared by THE RUINS!