Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eight Days a Week

Tuesday, what up Tuesday?

In the current Hixx-Ei administration, Tuesdays have been designated “NO TV TUESDAYS.”

This was nixed last week because of the debates (my baby knows me too well me thinks) but tonight, it’s full on. What will we do? I don’t know, I’m too used to watching TV to answer that question.

We married people are strange.


This one is a little harder to swallow.

I don’t um…cook. Never have and honestly, never really tried. I honestly can’t think of a time that I did try. I mean, I make the requisite grilled cheeses and can spin a crazy mac and cheese, but a full on meal? Yack.

So…we’re going to try it. I picked out an extremely simple pasta dish and am embarrassed to say that I really have no idea what I’m doing, not just in a “I just don’t do it” kind of way, but in a ….which one is a skillet? kind of way.

I know, it’s pathetic. I lived alone for a looooong time, so sue me.

I think John is really excited about it, I am less excited, as I don’t like to feel stupid about things I know nothing about, but…alas….people say I need to learn, so…I guess I’ll learn.



Michael, Chicago IL said...

Let's take a cooking class together, Hixx. Seriously. It seems like the only way I can see any of my married friends.

Kate said...

I say try your hand at baking! I find it more fun than cooking ... and easier ... plus you get to eat something sweet at the end (and maaaaaybe some batter while you're mixing). Also, my recipe blog may be of service--lots of links there, plus some easy recipes I've tried myself. Good luck!

Mental P Mama said...

Awww. You'll get it. If I can cook, anyone can! Just don't do anything that needs a lot of measuring. I don't like measuring. Throw and go...the best food ever;)

smussyolay said...

i mean a *mean* grilled cheese. and mac and cheese ... out of a box. i actually can do chx breasts on the george foreman, which turn out lovely.

however, is this an idea you and john came up with together? if he is cool with the cooking, i'll have to throw out this thing i read once. that couples normally have complementing compatibilites. meaning if one hates to/can't cook, the other one might. if the first one hates paying bills, the other one might be quite proficient/like it. that sort of thing. that made me happy, because i have never learned to cook either, and it's always sort of haunted me. but now i'm trying to believe the person i end up with will be into cooking (or so ridiculously rich we can eat out all the time?).

lastly, re: the baking suggestion -- i'm curious to hear about that more. cause frankly, i used to think i followed precise instructions very well. i don't believe that to be the case anymore. and baking is like chemistry -- it's very precise. it's easier in that if you DO manage to follow all of the instructions relatively perfectly, you should get the same outcome every time. on the other hand, cooking is much more loose in the various ways and additions you can make to a dish, you know?

okay. i just finished a re-heated chx breast i made. YUM!

Hixx said...

Michael, not a bad idea. Although, why can't we eat food someone else made? Like cheese fries?

Kate, thanks, i'll check your blog for easy "starter" recipes.

Mental P, always one with the good advice. I don't like measuring either, I always spill things when I'm measuring.

Smuss, your post cracked me up. I thought it was adorable.