Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose

Rainy Wednesday. Aren’t they all.

Went on a speed training run this morning, worked on some sprints, on “shocking” my body, and you know what? Great run. 5:30AM, no one out, just me…running, watching the cloud sun come up. Stupid running, making me feel all “good” and shit.

So, debate tonight. Here are some thoughts.

I’m trying to stop being emotional about this and start using my head more than my heart. But…I’m still confused on some things.

Do republicans that support McCain and Palin, do they/you really believe that Obama is a domestic terrorist? Or is this just a talking point, a way to fight back?

Are you/they truly, honestly worried about gays in the military?

Are you/they truly, honestly worried that gay people will ruin the institution of marriage? Or are you just afraid of gay people in general?

And I’m not asking these questions to be a smart ass. I really truly want to know.

I’m having a really hard time with the “culture” wars part of this whole mess. I absolutely see where conservatives are coming from in terms of money, or in terms of Obama not being experienced enough, hell, I think asking Obama about Ayers is a totally fair question, ask him I say! I see an honest and emotional difference in terms of right to life and choice…these are all really fair differences that can make for an honest debate.

But when it comes to being “afraid” of Obama…I mean, are you really?

I’m not afraid of McCain being president, not one lick. It would suck certainly, and I think I’d rather have the 2000 McCain than the 08 one, but he doesn’t scare me. I don’t believe crap hype about him and am in awe of his personal history. He’s a great man. Now, a Palin presidency I would be afraid of…I’ll admit that right out. Chick is batshit, and no amount of anything can prove to me otherwise, I am staunch on this.

But this is why I find the rhetoric so fascinating, and, from how it seems to me, the Republicans believe so much of the hype. Now I know I’m biased, but come on!

Anyway, like I said, go ahead…ask Obama about Ayers, about ACORN (sketchy stuff going on there me thinks, “change” or not…we’ll see) and you know whets going to happen? Obama is going to keep his cool again. He’s going to be calm; he’s going to answer the question on Ayers, etc. He’s not going to bring up Keating, or this crazy stuff about McCain’s transition manager, he’s going to keep talking about the economy, and he’s going to show the same calm he’s shown throughout this whole thing.

And experience is an issue, but from my own, from following this when I decided that Obama was for me (I remember the day quite clearly, arguing with a friend about why him and not Hillary, it was about a year ago almost exactly) this man has handled himself with grace, clarity, enough political edge to dodge and dart without seeming like an asshole, and has really – for the most part – stayed away from the dirty stuff. I mean, there is SO MUCH he could bring up on McCain, so many shady associations. But from my perspective, every politician alive has shady associations; you don’t get this far by being adorable.

So in my eyes, Obama has experience, two years of it; two years of fighting and winning and keeping his cool, keeping it together and for the most part, keeping it on the up and up. And that is what I want from my President, and indeed, that is what I will get.

But first, I have to make dinner.

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