Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Palin in Comparison

It’s a little crazy here today.

Have you ever been near someone who coughed incessantly? All day long? Every few seconds? I work near this woman who coughs or clears her throat all day long, all day. She said she was sick, but that was three weeks ago. In all my live long life I’m not sure I’ve ever despised anyone as much as I despise this lady. She might be very nice, I have no idea. I don’t care. Her coughing seeps into my skin like roaches crawling all over me. Seriously, it makes it hard to work. I keep sighing at her, so I’m sure she thinks I sigh all the time. Ergh.

Anyway, no mood for messing around on the blog today. NO ROOM.

So Sarah Palin, we’ll discuss you later, and no, of course your poor 17 year old daughter should be left alone, but don’t tell me in the back of your pretty-headed brain somewhere you don’t wish for one second that that pimply, hard-up, grabby, bitey little boy that stuck it in your daughter (probably hurt too, poor girl) should have maybe put on a goddamn condom. Or no? You don’t have those in Alaska?

So shoot your moose and take care of your family and maybe some night - as you sit there listening to the whining of a girl who should have had a full life ahead of her and her screaming, wailing child (because they WILL be living with you, I’m sure of it) you will think that maybe next time, for the next child, you might just want to educate them on how to protect themselves, how to use condoms, or maybe take her to get the pill, or maybe…just maybe if something horrible happens, you can take her to the abortion clinic herself…you know, if that’s what SHE DECIDES to do.

You pretty little conservative you.


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matt said...

Lack of sheep in alaska leads to lack of old-style condoms (latex not having made it's way north yet.) Moose-skin condoms are notoriously unreliable.

And yes, agreed.

Eric said...


Skinny G (the lovely Mrs Palin) won't have enough time to do hands-on parenting of her special needs son Trig, let alone care for Bristol's baby. She may have fired the cook but I'll bet she has a nanny or two.

And it's not so much a LACK of sheep in Alaska, it's that you don't see them because they are very very scared.