Thursday, September 04, 2008

ISHT - Bite Me edition



I chalk that up to a few things, more meat in the diet lately. It’s just easier and at this point in my life, easier is awesome. Also, I may have had some crab rangoon last night when I got home. It happens. It was delicious.

Okay, just because I can’t stand it, while watching Palin I realized she looks very smooth up there, very smooth indeed. She looks great (doesn’t matter right? Womens rights and all that) and she’s definitely a tough cookie.

Here’s the thing. Girl don’t know what up. Let’s not forget this. A little less than a week after she’s been named VP candidate she gives a great speech written by someone else in a very confident manner, but she’s going to have to cram her ass off in the next month to match Biden. Also, yes…she’s a conservative alright, and boy oh boy do the conservatives say they love her don’t they? Yet…yet…staunch conservatives are hairy old men who believe you me are afraid as hell of having a woman in the white house, even if she’s a VP.

The skeletons in her closet are busting out so fast McCain & Co can’t push the doors closed fast enough.

Hurumph. And no (TB) I do not underestimate her, or any of them for that matter. I’m just not afraid of her. She’s gonna get her ass handed to her and whoever was going to vote for her/him is going to anyway. So…ain’t nothing I can do about that.

Anyway, it is definitely turning into a fascinating election. Cannot WAIT to see McCain be overshadowed by his VP. Hee.

So, I guess ISHT got lost to the republicans today, damn ... the terrorists have won.


Anonymous said...

Boy. I really hope that the debates help clear this all up. Obama is beginning to look vapid against these guys. The are doing a good (and relatively fair) job of calling him out. I think McCain's speech tonite took much of the high road.

For me, it may boil down to simple science. It would appear that Palin is a creationist. I think there is no room for this at any level of government (or society). But seeing as a large amount of this retarded country agrees with that biblical view of the world, Obama et al are not going to get much mileage from that.


smussyolay said...

really? i just don't get how people are "calling him out." for being a community organizer?

i seriously watched rudy giuliani's speech and as much of her speech as i could stand (i was somewhere where they were watching it, i didn't intend to watch it) and i was just flabbergasted at how empty THEIR speeches were.

calling him out on what? being popular? being a good speech maker? not being experienced? pot, kettle is calling. it was so uncomfortable to watch rudy giuliani do this weird "comedy routine" as stephen colbert mocked it, where he does these lame rips and then sits around and laughs at himself.

really, that's all you've got? 7th grade insults? i really would like to hope that even the people who are normally voting republican are looking at their gas tanks and their pocketbooks and realize it's going to take a lot more than some fingerpointing.

Hixx said...

I thought McCain's speech was so uninspired, so boring, so flustered and lame and he looks like a corpse, I'm sorry but he does.

Palin though..yeesh.

However, I find it interesting how quiet Obama has been this week. We all keep forgetting or losing faith that this guy knows exactly what he's doing. He's been quiet for a reason, he's up to something.

Anyway, I'm glad their finished. That 9/11 propaganda video made me so mad I almost ruined my pretty TV. and my pretty TV is a democrat.

Tankboy said...

We'll see ... I'm really hoping the debates trip her up though. Unfortunately, McCain may end up trumping Obama in that arena to balance everything out.