Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Wow, summer lovin’ indeed huh?

That was a power weekend, I gotta say.

First, a big ole freaking shout out to my friends Wendy and Matt who got engaged in Vegas this weekend! YAY FOR LOVE!

What a great weekend all around.

Friday, I stayed in while John did his Playground show, I watched Single White Female. Which is just as awesome the 18th time watching it 15 years later. Love it. It’s really really violent, which I hadn’t quiet remembered.

Saturday up for a tour (HI SMUSS!) and then shopping with Sabrina. At the mall. Wow. I haven’t stepped foot in an honest to goodness mall in a long long time. It was culture shock; it’s like Vegas without hotels, casinos, smoking or booze, so really…not that fun.

I was home for about five minutes before John and I took off for a friend’s birthday party at the Bunny Hutch! YAY! Mini golf and a hot dog! I honestly have not had a hotdog since about the last time I went to the mall, and it was delicious.

Then home from the Hutch to watch our massive amounts of Dexter Season 2.

Sunday I have known for a long time was the Human Race. This is my nike+ thing I love and they were doing a big 10K. It was a big race in the city, but it was also kind of a challenge to all of us nike+ users to even do a 10K on your own. Well, I hemmed and hawed and never joined the big race downtown for many reasons, but this whole time, for months it’s been in my head.

And John came in Sunday morning, without knowing about the Human Race and he came in after walking the dog around 7AM and he said “Margaret, it is so perfect outside, so pretty, if you are really committing to this running in the morning, you should get up right now and go run.” Well, that was it. I lay in bed for about 20 minutes and finally got up and went outside and ran that damn 6.2 miles before 10AM, before breakfast. And it was so great. I haven’t run that distance in a long time, but I went slow, steady, enjoyed the run and it was so freaking great. I had an achy hip for a day, but other than that, it just felt great.

The rest of Sunday was spent enjoying my future hubby and thai food. Yesterday we did some wedding stuff, cleaned, and went to a really fun bbq. Then home for more Dexter and edamame.

It was a great weekend.

Now, 18 more days till the wedding. I’m excited, nervous, excited and nervous.

Expect this to be Chicago Wedding Stories for the next 2. 5 weeks.



Mental P Mama said...

Well done on the 10k. And these next two weeks are going to fly by...enjoy every minute of it all!

Fuacata at the Office said...

Thnak you for the shout out lady!!! Lots of love going around......but I'm SUPES excited for the awesome bacheloretter party this Saturday!!! Can I get a "What! What!"

Anonymous said...



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