Friday, August 29, 2008

Okay, holiday weekend coming up, so busy here, lots to do, quick thoughts.

1. Obama rules. We all knew this. Loved his more tempered speech. Thought he was fabulous. When he walks into a room and flashes that big ole smile, I can’t help but smile too. Honestly. Call me na├»ve and stupid for actually having an emotional attachment to the man we shall call president, but again, I expect no less. He rules.

Oh, and I especially enjoyed the "ENOUGH" that was laid out in the beginning...enough! (the "eight is enough" was kind of dumb, but I love the original ENOUGH, like a scolding parent)

2. At first I thought Palin was a great choice, now after reading more about her and stuff, I’m thinking not so much. I want to watch Biden go after her. Fun!

3. It’s a holiday weekend, 3 days off.

4. Tomorrow is the busiest day ever.

5. Regular TV starts soon

6. I want to go home now

7. I like riding my bike

8. Smartfood

9. Chocolate chip cookies

10. Friday

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