Monday, September 08, 2008

Ladies Night

My feet are wet and my office is cold, not a good partnership.

SO OKAY! Have you all been waiting on pins and needles, waiting to hear about my bachelorette party? YOU HAVE?

Well, it was really awful and a total nightmare.


It was awesome. My friends are awesome.

I went over to Sabrina’s and on the door is a pic of Obama and he’s saying he’s behind me 100%. That’s a good way to start. I go inside and most of the ladies are there and there are copies of pics of me all over, from all different times in my life, from highschool to a few days ago. Sabrina and Dori had written hilarious things on them and it was like a time warp going through each one, some I hadn’t even seen in my life. So funny.

There were penis straws and vodka drinks…we played the Newlywed Game, they had asked John a bunch of questions and I had to answer, I got a lot of these extremely wrong. Go figure. Then we opened presents, I got a lot of these right, because it’s hard not to with presents.

Then we went to Moody’s for excellent cheeseburgers, such a fun group of women. And then we went to the mystery location, I was sure we were going for karaoke but just was not sure where, we ended up at the Blue Frog, which is in River North. OMG, what a total riot. We got there right on time and snagged a table in a room with about 4 tables and 2 seconds later the place filled up. It’s TINY, but they have a great karaoke master and lots of good tunes. I drunkenly messed up Fly by Sugar Ray but later made up for it with a rousing rendition of Pour Some Sugar on Me.

The ladies were in full form, we had some great songs, totally rocking dancing and just had the best time ever.

Afterwards, a few of us headed back to Sabrinas, then more dropped off, until the end when it was me and Sabrina and Jessica and Lisa my two oldest friends from jr. high, and we proceeded to sing almost the entire show of Chorus Line to Sabrina. Hilarious.

Sunday I managed to get up around 4:30PM to actually get something to eat. It was um…a long day.

What a fantastic night, epic, going down in history books. It was such a perfect evening with perfect people and such good spirits. Sabrina worked her butt off and really created such a wonderful evening, and I cannot thank her enough for that.

I don’t know how the wedding is going to beat it honestly.



Fuacata at the Office said...

YAY!!! GOOD TIMES!!! And do not forget our awesome van cab home!! Love you girl!

Hixx said...

Yes, and the awesome cab ride home.


wafelenbak said...

Hee hee! Looks like a great time indeed. :)
Ms. Hixx, you are looking hot and strong, by the way! Woo!

smussyolay said...

ha! this looks fabulous. congratulations, lady.