Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Sorry blog readers, took a personal day yesterday and DAMN if we didn’t have the best, prettiest, most productive day ever.
Yeah, well, when you start out with a 10K YO. Great run yesterday morning.

Anyway, we really did have a great day yesterday, did so so so much, today I woke up pretty stressed but definitely feeling better now.

The wedding stuff is getting pretty fun now, I have to say. I can feel time slipping by so fast, and I know instinctively I want to hold on to everything that’s going on, but then that pulling feeling of wanting everything to move forward…I mean, already my bachelorette party has come and gone! I’m trying very hard not to push this anymore, the day will come and for now, its time to enjoy the in-between times, the funny conversations with family, the weird things we’re learning about the city, the funny conversations we’re having with each other….all things that we need to stop, and enjoy.

And John and I are just having so much fun together, these last few days of planning are hilarious and funny and exciting and silly and it just solidifies this partnership and how we plan on doing things together and how we compromise together and just what a fantastic man he is.

I’m kinda googly.

I guess that makes sense. I am marrying the damn guy in….a week and two days.


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Michael, Chicago IL said...

Oh, my sweet Hixx. I wish you all the best in the next week and two days and the next four score of years. You put the ride in bride, when most just put the rid in the bride! My love to you and whats-his-name.