Friday, September 05, 2008


God I am so glad that convention is over. I’ve felt sick to my stomach all week.

I signed up this morning to go canvass for Barack in Michigan in October.I don't know how, and I'm a little nervous, but no matter, I'm motivated. The thing that sent me over the edge was the 9/11 propaganda video from last night. That’s it. That’s it. Done. Enough.

I know some people, good good friends of mine who really don’t like Barack and can’t find it in their hearts to vote for him (and yes, they are Hillary supporters, I can’t help but think its an emotional reaction…but still, emotions are totally real) and you know, by god do I see what people find so frustrating about him; his purported elitism, his intellect, his cool, his presumptiveness…I see all these things and I can see from the eyes of Hill supporters how he must just rankle their chains.

But what I saw this week, what I saw last night angered me so much. And I beg all Hillary supporters to please, for the love of all that is good and holy, just vote for choice, vote for evolution, vote for science, vote for peace and I mean that in the least dramatic way possible. McCain stood up there last night and talked and talked about fighting, how he’s gotten into some fights that didn’t even have a purpose (are you kidding me dude? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?). This is what he said. It will do no good now to hold back your vote out of confusion, or spite, or regret or honest to goodness confusion about where Obama will lead this country, because its bigger than this one man.

One last thing before something fun:

If this doesn’t work out and McCain wins and dies, or is just too old, my heart starts beating faster at the thought of Clinton v. Palin in 2012. And this makes my heart beat faster mostly because I can’t quite think of anything more fun than watching Hillary trounce that lady.


Anyway, this weekend happens to be my bachelorette party! Oh the things I have sworn about when it comes to “weddings”, but this, this is the something I have been looking forward to the whole time. I can’t wait. I know my ladies are working hard on this and I plan on enjoying every freaking second of it. I have no idea what we’re doing, but if you happen to see about 10 women laughing their asses off and acting like some crazy buttheads, its probably us.

Happy weekend!

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