Thursday, September 11, 2008

ISHT - Strong Building edition

Well, alas, we cannot forget what day is today. I still cannot help but think it should be a national holiday, to allow us to hug our fiancés, kiss our dogs, enjoy the sunshine….but it is more important I suppose to hold it in our hearts, to enjoy today to the best of our ability, and to lavish extra kisses on those we love. Yes, even coughing lady.

I wonder sometimes how much I mourn those buildings. Of course they have no emotions, can’t feel pain or loss, but my passion for this city and others comes from in what shape they lay their metal. The shock of that day, for me, comes so much from seeing something indestructible in ruins. And of course, in my moments of fear – I fear for the loss of life – but the notion that takes in my head is fear for my buildings. They destroyed something so beautiful, so breathtaking, so majestic. I miss those buildings; I miss them terribly, and can still summon so much protective anger when worrying about my own.

Minoru Yamasaki. We should all know the name, the architect of the World Trade Center. He has a building in Chicago as well, the old Montgomery Ward tower; you see it every day if you ride the brown line. It is one of the buildings I wrote the book about:

Ah. Anyway. Oh, and I love love love the Pentagon memorial. Love.


146. Honestly, that’s great. I think that’s fantastic. Considering there are mountains of M&M’s (my favorite, peanut) in the house, I’ve been eating meat like Jenna Jamison (heyo!) and giving myself lots of leeway about food.

BUT, I’ve been really sticking to my guns and just promising myself to not give up on the exercise, and I haven’t. So that’s great. A pound or two at this point is fantastic!

Ever since I did that 10K on the 31st of Aug., I’ve been dreaming about more. Somehow it just became so much more doable in my mind, so I did one on Tues and it was just so great, so so so great. I actually enjoy them. I’ve been spending the whole summer trying to get faster, running 3 mile distances and pushing myself hard, that settling into a long run, with no pushing has become really welcome. I really think I’m going to enjoy both of these things as we head into really cool weather. Some short faster runs in the mornings before work and then longer runs some nights and weekends.

And yes, I may have just let myself play around with the idea of a marathon (no, not this year)…every girl needs a goal, and once this wedding is over, Hixx is gonna have to do something right? But, I’m really loving a triathlon (a mini, lady triathlon) too, so I’ll think about this…but this getting into some longer runs has definitely taken hold.

So I’m using the exercise to keep my head, and it works. John’s been telling me lately how much he loves “morning run” Hixx, I do too.

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BigHig said...

My sis-in-law runs Ironman's and works for USA triathalon. I'll try to hook you up with some swag.