Friday, September 12, 2008

10 Things

Oh, there are just so many things I have to say.

1. John bought me an Obama bobble head. It’s VERY sensitive. My whole way to work today on the el I kept hearing “YES.WE.CAN.” from my bobble head. I had to keep whispering “Obama, be quiet!” It’s awesome; I may just carry him around with me all the time.

2. Just so you all know I’m not drinking the kool aid, Obama…my man, my main man, my dude, do NOT say that you once thought of joining the military, you sound so silly when you say that. Just face it; McCain’s got you on this one.

3. Palin…hear me now people; she is going to fall, stumble, create total havoc. This lady is a mess. I am aware of their power yes, but honestly, these cats are getting themselves into massive amounts of trouble right now. Hy-larious.

4. The weather outlook for next Saturday is sunny and 70 degrees. Perfection. Although, Ike may really screw this up for all of us. How rude.

5. Last weekend before the big date and what do we have to do this weekend? Frightfully, nothing. I can’t figure it out. I mean, there’s a lot to do but I really feel like we have it under control. I worry that John and I should be running around doing stuff but I honestly can’t think of what it is we should be doing.

6. Fringe? Cringe. (That’s John’s joke)

7. I’m reading Blindness, I’m with Wendy, my past books have all been very upsetting. Maybe my conscious is balancing my “wedded bliss” by secretly convincing me to read scary/sad books.

8. I ran four miles before work this morning, and every single step was a struggle today. Yet I did it anyway, high five me!

9. Should I make out with a bunch of guys this weekend? It’s my last free weekend. Yeah, I’m going to make out with a bunch of dudes.

10. I may joke and be selfish, but my thoughts go out to all those people in Ike’s path, of which I hope there are few.


wafelenbak said...
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wafelenbak said...
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wafelenbak said...

I've yet to read a hearty recommendation for Fringe. Boo.
My run was a struggle today too! Let's blame Ike. Boo, Ike!
Dang, I also can't type today. I'm going to blame Ike for that as well. :p

Hixx said...

I really want to know what those comments said. Do you guys think it was PALIN? I BET!

Whats up with that Waflen? BOO IKE!

stephanie said...

I read Blindness a couple of years ago. It is emotionally difficult to read, and I think turning it into a movie is going to change some fundamental aspects of the story.

Ike caused wind storms with gusts of 70mph in my hometown in Ohio, uprooting trees and tearing off roofs. Ike, you so crazy!