Thursday, August 28, 2008

ISHT - Morning and Mile High Edition


First off, before ISHT, of course they saved everything I wanted Hillary to say for Clinton. On my way home last night I finally figured that one out. I was riding my bike and I thought “Oh, I bet Bill’s totally going to do it!” and he did. And it was awesome. And no, I don’t expect anyone to win Obama’s votes for him (he seemed to do that pretty well for himself, considering he did….win) but it was nice and fun and I liked it. So…bring it on Clintons!

And who doesn’t love Beau Biden? Rawr.

Anyway, as I struggle these next few weeks with just plain old wedding emotions, coupled with job emotions of mine and John’s, and just generally…some hard days, my goal is just to keep exercising. I swear…just keep exercising, if I can do that for the next three weeks, that’s all that matters. It’s what I’m holding on to; it’s what I need to hold on to.

So, in that end (in YOUR end), I started doing something I never, ever, EVER saw myself doing.

Twice this week, twice, I have gotten up before work, after walking the dog, and went running. Yes, I have gotten up and walked the dog at 5:30, come back, fed the dog, then gone back out around 6:15 to go run. I have never done this or even thought about doing this in my life.…wow.

It’s pretty intense. It’s so quiet, there’s no one out. The sun is rising, it’s cool, it smells dewy and delicious and I’m jamming, JAMMING on my tunes and I get home and its 7:00 and I’m sweaty and happy and I stretch in front of the open window and relax and energize at the same time and take a shower and head to work. Amazing. It’s amazing. Trust me.

Today I even did it and I didn’t have to. That’s a testament folks.

Oh, and one thing, I Sing the Body Electric from Fame? Best running song ever. EVER.

Looking forward to tonight, I don’t have to run (hee!), we’re reviving tacobamas, I’m going to hope this mile high stadium thing doesn’t backfire on my boy, and I’m going to watch him kick it out of the park (hit it out of the park? Kick ass? I’m confused).


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wafelenbak said...

I totally understand...sometimes just that consistency and the strength and pride I get out of regular exercise can make a lot of things better.