Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Okay, so still pretty busy around these parts, gotta write quickly!

How can I not say something about Hill’s speech right?

So okay:

That was a great speech. I thought she gave a really thoughtful, emotional and great speech. It was great.

If you’re Hillary Clinton.

If you’re Barack Obama, maybe….a little lacking?

I know I shouldn’t knock her, its over and all that, but I was looking for just a little more. I was looking for this:

“On the campaign trail I truly came to trust and respect Barack Obama”
“Barack Obama is ready to lead”
“Yes my candidacy was historic, and by god, so was his” Goddamnit.
“If you were voting for my presidency because you wanted to see that glass ceiling broken, because you wanted to protect Roe v. Wade, then you HAVE to vote for Obama”
“When I first met Barack Obama…”

Here is what Nora Ephron had to say, I agree with this:

“My other favorite thing about Hillary's speech is that she wrapped herself up in Seneca Falls, and my God Harriet Tubman, even Harriet Tubman, and yet somehow she never once referred to Roe vs. Wade. She never once mentioned choice. She never once said the truth, which is that any Hillary supporter who doesn't understand that this issue alone is the reason to vote for Obama has no business pretending to be a Democrat.”

Again, I thought it was a great speech, I thought she looked fantastic, but even McCain’s camp this morning is saying that she wouldn't say that he's ready to lead! It felt to me like sometimes she just kept saying his name, like that would count somehow.

She gave a very ringing endorsement of the Democratic Party. She definitely wants people to vote democrat, but it’s like she just couldn’t bring herself to give a ringing endoresment of Barack.

And that was what I was looking for. But I am fine with what she did give.

I guess.

We’ll see what Bill does tonight, although I know full well what he’s going to do, he’s going to do what she did…rah rah Democratic Party, nay nay Republican Party and I’ll be thoroughly impressed if B. Clinton can even spit out Obama’s name at all honestly.



Julene said...


Julene said...

oops - sorry about that sp. I guess your post basically makes me understand that it's not about the Democratic party for you - it's only about Obama. Now she did a great speech for the Democratic party at the Democratic, not the Obama, convention. Let the man convince the voters himself. If he can't do it, so be it.

And RE: the choice issue - um, yeah, they had a democrat who is anti-choice up there speaking before her - I bet she wasn't allowed to say anything lest Mr. Casey get all upset like his father for not being allowed in the big tent.

Hixx said...

Interesting Julene..good point.

But I'm already a democrat, so are the women she's trying to pull back in, so its absolutely about Obama, he is our democratic nomination for president.

And, if we're thinking about what it *should* be like, it shouldn't be about parties, it should be about people.

All these women against Obama and for Hillary...well, they're thinking "person" specific too, not party. Her job was to show that Obama is the best person for the job. Not that democratic party is better than republican one.

The two, democratic party and Obama, are inseperable now.

So yes, it is absolutely about Obama for me, 100%.

And if the basis for all of these women and their anger that another woman was not nominated, then it would seem to me that women's rights, especially where Hillary is concerned, would and should be front and center. And I will never believe that anyone tells Hillary what she can and cannot do.

Hixx said...

And you know, as I'm thinking about it, that speech last night was about Hillary. sure, she made mention of Barack and the Democratic Primary, but that speech was about her campaign you better believe it.

And my point is I was really hoping she'd give as much time to his.

smussyolay said...

i just watched the speech at home on you tube. after hearing people's tweets and stuff, i thought it was going to be *much* better than it was. to me, it was definitely a speech to HER constituents, period.

she spent most of that speech talking about what SHE did and what SHE ran for. what's sad is that it seemed that as the pundits blathered monday night, michelle's purpose was to show america how un-scary and unfreaky she was. "i'm not a smart black woman (which makes me angry somehow), i'm a huxtable!" if i heard the pundits say that she was trying to make her family look like the huxtables ONE more time, i was going to slink out of my skin. but they DID go on to say that then the demos had to go on to use the rest of the convention to hit mccain.

and while hillary definitely pointed out the difference between the demo and repub parties, i felt like she was still stump speeching for herself. this is the difference between *me* and the republican party ... but no matter what, we cannot have another republican, so you ladies better vote for barack!!!!

she got a few good zings in there, and it was funny to see bill laughing, but i don't know. it wasn't all that convincing to me that it was a 'from the heart' speech. part of the point also is to show the undecideds in the country why they need to go with your candidate. there's a reason this is all on TV and stuff. this is sort of like a week-long debate, imo.

(how do they decide who goes first, btw?)

Julene said...

All speeches vetted & edited by Obama. If you have a problem with her speech, he approved it.

Julene said...

I think where this gets interesting is that I'm not really a democrat - I'm way more left than that. Do I usually vote democratic? sure. They work towards what I believe in to an extent, but not nearly as far as I would like them to. I would like to thank Obama for reminding me that I'm not a democrat and that I should vote for someone who's ideals for this country that I believe in. Work for that change, hope for that change - not a watered down idea of that change. And don't worry too much, we are in Illinois - he won't lose the electoral votes here.

Hixx said...

Julene I couldn't read that link, but want to...what was it?

Hey, I think whether Hil delivered last night, or whether Obama should be president is all REALLY valid discussion. So...its all good.

And don't for one second think I don't know that Obama sees everything that goes up there, of course he does! That doesn't mean he can tell Hillary Clinton what she's going to say. he's just making sure she's not calling him an asshole.

No one has to be for Obama, I'm not even trying to convince people they should. I'm just tellin' the story as I see it.

But I like to have my thoughts and beliefs questioned. That's the point!

So...carry on...

smussyolay said...

oh, and i meant how do they decide who goes first .. the democratic or republican nat'l conventions? is it the incumbent vs. challenger thing? homefield advantage? do cities bid for the conventions?