Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Way to come together

Alright! Well, I like to see this fine blogging community coming together to create peace and delicious yogurt. Thank you all for your advice on how the hell I’m supposed to eat this greek curdled ass, and I think from using bits and pieces from everyone, I will come to something that pleases me.

This morning I tried bringing frozen strawburries with my Fage and that almost worked. This time I blame the strawburries, this particular frozen variety was not delicious at all and they tasted icky. I did put some Splenda in it though and noticed a big change right away. I’m going to keep trying…I’ll try honey and maybe some cereal? I’ve been putting Grape Nuts in there, but they might be too serious…what about like…a special K? And I like the advice of that Polaner all fruit idea, I’m going to try that too.

So last night John and I finally put the HDTV to really good use. He got us Planet Earth! We were both so amazed, some of it literally takes your breath away, or makes you cry, or scream out and scare the dog when a poor little doe is getting chased by a wild dog. It is just astounding, truly, I can’t wait to watch more tonight!

Oh hey, Friday Night Lights? Can we stop having all the women freak out all the time, propagating the notion that all women are too emotional, too weak and too uncontrollable to actually be fun or have a normal conversation? Thanks…everything besides that is peachy. Okay.

Alright, I’ve also made a few calls to get the wedding rolling. John and I have made a strong decision about what we want for the actual ceremony, and the reception will kind of flow from that, I will divulge as information comes in, but I made the first call and I didn’t die. Impressive no?

One more thing, my brother brought this story to my attention, I’m sure you’ve all heard of it, I’m a bit out of the loop, but its almost like a real life “Bug”, but a lot less “buggy”.


Tonight I run and do a little personal project I’m working on, quiet night as it turns out.

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