Monday, December 10, 2007


This is going to be a short little update post, because guess what? Hixx is sick. Yup. Starting Friday night, Hixx started getting a sore throat and some nasally passage yuckage. I chalked it up to some smoking stuff, and then figured out that hey, maybe achy muscles means sick!

It's my four week anniversary not smoking. Last week as we all know was a bit of a downfall, and thats okay, it was bound to happen right? If it didn't, it would mean there's something wrong with me. So, I feel better because I feel worse, and decided I'd feel ever worse if I were smoking. So yay.

This weekend was nice though, i had dinner with my moms friends on Friday and that was great, a roomfull of almost 80 year olds who are spry and quick and laughing and hilarious. Saturday I went to a COOKIE PARTY. Check Rachelle's website to see cookies. It was really fun and all the cookies were beautiful. My cookies looked delicious, but I don't think they lived up to the hype. I gave a guy in an elevator one of my cookies later that night, he ate a bite and then never seemed to eat the rest. Hee.

We went to an xmas party Sat. night and that was great, a highrise in Printer's Row, beautiful food, beautiful view, fun people, then yesterday I was about struck down and just watched a lot of tv, much like I'm going to do now before me nap.

So know all that I'm doing well, looking forward to feeling better, running again and not slipping on slidy sidewalks, although, watching the dog slip and slide was hylarious.

Over and out.


smussyolay said...

oh no! i hope i didn't jinx/premonition you. because i've been sick sick lately and while i don't get sick a lot, my sickness seem to last a lot longer since i stopped smoking. and the sickest i've ever been was the very first time i quit smoking right before i got sober. i got bronchitis!

anyway, i was thinking about this and then i thought about you, and what it would be like the very first time you get sick in your non-smoking and all the crap REALLY gets out of you and your cilia are all back standing up and stuff. and how gross it will be.

oh no!! i'm sorry, VIS. :/

stephanie said...

This seems to be common. basically, your lungs are cleaning out all the crap that has built up over the years of smoking. Seems like a lot of people complain of getting colds, bronchitis, etc. int he months after quitting. I'm sure the dry winter air doesn't help.

Keep with it!