Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Recap

Hello hello!Honestly, I feel like I’ve been away for three weeks. I don’t know what it was about this particular vacation, but it feels so long…

Okay, we doing? (I hate it when people say that, but I love it when I say it).

Today is officially my two weeks anniversary of the not smoking…all is going really well. I had a couple of really solidifying things happen and they came just as I needed them. On Weds..Thurs or some day last week, my gums started to get extremely sore, really sore, I brushed and flossed and brushed and flossed, I had read this is a withdrawal symptom, it’s your mouth basically cleaning itself out. But I was really uncomfortable, our electric toothbrush felt like the sharpest nails scratching your itchiest itch, so good. On Friday morning when I woke up and brushed my teeth (this is gross, sorry, revel in my addiction people) I spit out a lot of brown. Just…brown. I brushed and brushed and Listerined and listrened, it was horrifying, and incredibly important. It was my first REAL symptom of something gross cleaning itself, and well…it just helps. I think part of getting over addiction, is learning to love your withdrawal symptoms.

So yay, two weeks down, hell weeks are over, I’m running like a mofo and plan on doing another long run tonight.

Thanksgiving was great, we spent Thanksgiving day with my mom, John made an entire Thanksgiving dinner for her, turkey and mashed potatoes and asparagus and green beans and stuffing and tofu silk pie, he is something. She was pleased and we brought Remo to see her, which always brightens her day just a little more, so that was nice. Thurs night we went to my friend John’s house to play Celebrity, and we had the best time ever there. His friends are a group of people that I can say anything to, any horrible bad thing that comes into my mind; I can say it, without fear of repercussion, creating a hilarious night of people not holding back, so much fun.

Friday after I spit out my nicotine mouth, we drove to Wisconsin with the dog. We had such a good time with John’s family, his niece is adorable and gives out hugs and kisses just when you need them. They all did quite well on not putting pressure on us about the wedding, and I know we’re being frustratingly slow (its still only been a few months, but I guess we’re not moving very fast), but it was almost fun to watch his mom and sister fight the urge to take me to David’s Bridal. It was a great trip, but also hunting season! So we couldn’t go outside without our bright orange on, and we had to keep close watch on Remo too. Here’s a pic of John in his hunting gear…

Oh my god I love that picture.

We also went to Fleet Farm to pick up some things, Fleet Farm is amazing, the Walmart of the farming community, John found me this nice hat:

Oh my god I love this picture too.

It was a great weekend, John and I got a chance to talk a lot, I got to talk to his family a lot, we ate so much food (don’t even ask me about the meal we had to eat right after we had eaten a meal) and it was romantic to be engaged and happy.

We came home last night to put up our Xmas stuff, here’s a quick preview:


wafelenbak said...

Those pictures are hilariously awesome. :)

Hixx said...

Ha, thank you, they're cracking me up.