Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Am....done!

Okay, so…I’m a little busy today, a lot of paper has to be pushed, shuffled, signed, tossed about, eaten, thrown up and cleaned up…that’s my job, so, I’m going to make this quick, quick like Nestle.

So…I’m eating I Am Legend right? Eating eating eating, I’m reading in bed, things are getting out of control. I’m about halfway through and something happens to the main character that I can’t really see him getting out of and BOOM, book is finished.


I start reading what’s on the next page, it’s something that has nothing to do with the book that I just read, but I keep reading, figuring its some kind of postmodern bullshit on what happens to my main guy…but its not.

And then I read the next little story (some people call these “short” stories, hee) and lo and behold, through my angry, hurt and resentful eyes, I find myself reading the short story from the ever-popular Trilogy of Terror. I’m literally sitting there, fuming about how I thought I had half of I Am Legend to go and I’m reading about that damn little Zuni doll.

Well, I know what the hell happens in that story, so no need for me to go on. I’ve expressed my unhappiness with the short story, and surprise short stories when I thought I had a half a book left are my least favorite.

So anyway, if you get I Am Legend, you might want to check and make sure you don’t have some short stories in the back that will fool you. The book was great, great story. I can already see the movie is really nothing like the book, but I don’t care, the movie still looks sweet and awesome and I will be there opening weekend, Sunday, at the earliest showing.

Other than that, I got nothing, but I’ll have something tomorrow.



stephanie said...

The same thing happened to me, Hixx! I took the book on my vacation to California, and I'm on the plane reading, reading, and then, waah??

Hixx said...

That's hilarious! Oh my god I was SO mad. I wanted to keep reading!