Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Plot Against American Pastoral


Whoa, who snuck in and stole my ipod nano and my nike+ workout thing and ran four miles? Hmmmmm?

Oh wait, wait…that was me that ran FOUR MILES. Yup. That’s awesome. It felt so good, I went nice and slow, didn’t rush myself and just ran and ran in the leaves and the fresh air and it was beautiful. Just lovely.

Unfortunately, the four mile run could not even begin to touch my level of hyperness yesterday and I managed to keep John and myself up most of the night, tossing and turning. We nonsmokers need half the caffeine we did while smoking, so yesterday I stopped in the afternoon. But it seems not smoking either makes me tired or hyper and yesterday, yeesh, I was off my rocker.

So let’s see…I finished my book by Philip Roth, American Pastoral. And I’ll admit, I was a little worried…I started reading, and its all about Jewish kids and baseball, not that I have a problem with Jewish kids or baseball, but I thought “Oh geez, now I gotta read this Pulitzer prize winning book about boys playing baseball during WWII and they’re all gonna go home and argue with their parents and steal peeks at girlie magazines and have their boy coming of age thing while the fear of war looms upon them” and just…you know…to some degree, I’ve read that damn book before (um hello Plot Against America by Philip Roth?). So, I was pleasantly surprised when all the happy baseball memories that start American Pastoral, turn into a horror story the American Dream gone horribly wrong. I mean shoot, I got all wrapped up, all sad for the main character “The Swede” (Friday Night Lights referencing Roth? Not sure…) and his wish to be perfect and his absolute failure to do so in his marriage, his friends, the way he raises his daughter. Ack. This is all about the road to hell being paved with good intentions. Anyway, thank you Philip Roth for not making me read Plot Against America again.

So now I’m going to pull a Tankboy, and instead of starting my next book, I will read the thousand New Yorkers I have built up all over my apartment.

I’m gonna turn on some Roe Conn and play the rest of this afternoon easy….


Tankboy said...

I am so looking forward to being in Michigan Thurs - Sun so I can FINALLY finish all those New Yorkers!

And maybe read a book or two.

wafelenbak said...

Woo hoo on the 4 mile run!!
Maybe I should start smoking, then quit, then run so I can have tons of energy! ;)
Ha ha, just kidding of course.

Anonymous said...

She started the book anyway. Beyonce.

Hixx said...

Waflen, keep in mind its basically taken a year for me to get from walking to running two miles. With my biggest jump being in the past two weeks with quitting smoking...so you're doing great!

And um yeah, I started the book anyway, hee.