Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Another Vortex

Whatever. I'm so good at these now. I'm really good at it right now. John is freelancing so I've got the house to myself. I cleaned it, you know how when you have the house to yourself, you want it to be clean? So it's all clean. I've had a quiet morning of some exercise, a little stretching, a little attention to my body, waking that sucker up.

I listened to the radio, cleaned up a little. I closed off my office because there's no reason to heat it right now (plus I've hidden my four secret children in there) so I'm at the dining room table with the sun shining in and no noise except the calm hum of the humidifier.

So yeah, I'm good. Bring on the vortex.

Survivor starts tonight.


Quiet. Warm.

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