Friday, August 09, 2013

It's my birthday!

I am 43.

I have the habit of calling myself whatever age is one year ahead about halfway through the year. So I've been 43 forEVER. So it's totally fine.

I still love my birthday, I am a Leo...but it's different now. Quieter. No bars and drinks and silly such things. Tonight my family and I go for pizza, and that's about it. That's great too. Love it.

I miss mom. Or not miss...but she's around. It's as much her day as it is mine.

Next week I go to NYC with my brothers. I'm glad for that.

Vietnam less than two months away.

Multiple projects and tours to think about and work on.

And yet, none of it matters really. We're here to enjoy each other and play on the earth.

I've got a couple of tours today, I'm looking forward to them and this lovely day.

43. Holy shiiiiiittt.


smussyolay said...

I do the same thing with my age!!!

Hixx said...