Sunday, August 11, 2013

And here we go

My birthday was fun. It was a GORGEOUS day, I had two really great and fun and self-actualizing tours. I took a great walk with the dog and then met my brother and sis in law and Sabrina and John for pizza. Then we went home and I went to sleep. It was a big day.

Today I have a tour, tomorrow one, off on Tuesday (first day off in a LONG time) and then, and then the shit begins. All the shit. We get the Chevy car on Tuesday to start our Sister Cities project, basically eating at 28 restaurants in two weeks. I go to NYC on Thurs morning till Sunday. Then race home to go to 4 more restaurants on Sunday....ha.

Vietnam in October, so much to do.


I got up early this morning (Sunday) to come to Starbucks before my Second City tour. It's so gorgeous today. On the bus I listened to a guided meditation on Metta (it's like the love part of Buddhism, specifically the spreading of the love) and I imagined my friendliness coming out of my body. I just finished a big ole writing spurt for Same Same and I just...

I know I fight it.
I know I give into it.
Then I fight it again.
Then I wonder and doubt.
Then I worry.
Then I don't.
And then I know...

I'm a fucking writer. I'm a writer. I'm a writer.

I'm a writer.

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