Saturday, July 06, 2013

The 6th of July

We did it!

John and I had a lovely 4th of July. We spent the morning working a little on Lost and Found stuff, but mostly watching Amy Shumer on TV. We had lunch with a couple of our old lady friends (we have old lady friends, and they are great) and then I took a really long nap. Then we met friends and went to the park for the world's craziest fireworks.

It was a really nice day.

Funny though, I woke up yesterday, after a day off, completely bananas unable to contain myself and I got a ton of shit done yesterday.

It was a really nice day that I didn't ruin by making it more important than it was.

And now I continue to fight my knee. Is it getting better? I'm not sure. It's not getting worse.

I got a brace. I hate the brace. I love the brace. The knee feels unstable without it.  I feel unstable. I haven't exercised in almost two weeks. That's a lot. I miss it. I miss feeling strong. There is so much attached to my knee - literally, ligmantelly and figuratively.

This morning I did a little tiny bit of pilates. I figure I can work my core and my arms. If I have to start swimming, I will.

I know, I know, I could go to the doctor. But I'm not ready yet. It's not a joint problem, it's a muscle problem, I really think so. So I'm going to be gentle with it and most importantly, I want to stop thinking that I'm broken or weak and it's scaring me a lot, creating a lot of fear and, MAN ALIVE, this is all stuff the Buddha helps with. All that stuff I've created in my head and I have an achy knee for godsakes. It's not that serious right?


Biz is good, real good. Summer is good. Husband and dog are good. Sweetie is good.



Erica said...

Rest it! Ice it!
I can talk knee stuff all day.
Do you have a resistance band?
Ice it!
I need to get together with you anyway, but now we need to talk knees.
I'll give you some PT exercises. You'll be great. Patience.

Hixx said...

Do I just keep icing it and resting it FOREVER? When does it stop and just go away?

I have a resistance band!

I've been trying to roll it. It hurts so much.

Kay, knee stuff!