Friday, February 01, 2013

With Great Epicness

comes great responsibility.

Seriously though.

Wanting to be epic, well, I'm learning that encompasses a hell of a lot of things.

Because if I want to write the most epic Sweetie Maude, well, it's not just me writing it and working with me best friend on it, but to be epic - it all has to be.

So, I need to rebuild up my strength. I still exercise, but I've gotten really rutty about it. I was sufficing with 20 minutes walking on the treadmill and some stretching - that's not really going to do it.  For my writing brain to be epic, my body has to be running correctly.

I'm working on building my stamina back up. I got achy this fall - stress, mom, who knows, but achy knees and an achy back and it all prohibited me from pushing myself physically. Now with epicness, there's no room for achy, epic isn't achy! I read somewhere that achy knees are very often a sign of dehydration. So I've been chugging water like a loony bin and it could be placebo, but my knees feel better.

My sleep, my food, my exercise, my relationships, my work time, my play time - is all affected by my want to be epic.

So I've been having some fun with that actually. It's fun to get stronger, it's fun to feel better, it's fun to work to clear my mind of the cult of "busy" so I can get some actual work (and rest) done.

I'm aware this is a practice, it's all practice, and you don't become epic overnight. What I'm finding neat is how its all tied together. Once one part of my life has the yearning to be true and awesome and authentic and real, the other parts of my life start to make themselves known as well.


Argo should win the Oscar.

Ben Affleck was robbed.

Just had to get that out there. Hap Fri!

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