Thursday, January 03, 2013

Les Miz


I got to go to Les Miz. I waited for my friend John Alcott, cause, well, he's an actor. I knew he'd like it. John my husband? Actually probably would have loved it and bawled like a baby, but getting him there would have been tricky.

Anyhoo. I love Les Miz. I've never actually seen the musical but I've been listening to the music since 198whatever the hell it was. I read the book by Hugo, so intense.

Finally time to see the movie! I wish my mother had made it, although not much of a Les Miz fan, my mother was a tragic Hugh Jackman (in our world he's known as Huge Assman and it used to make my mother VERY angry, hee) fan and well, this was the role of a lifetime.

I listen to Les Miz a lot, I listen to it on the treadmill and I cry and cry and sing and sing, so I knew I was in for it and that I would love it.

And I did. I REALLY did.

Jackman was ridiculously awesome. So good, so tortured, so real. And Hathaway  of course was awesome. I used to be on the Hathaway fence, but no more. I think she was the best thing in Dark Knight Rises and she was fantastic in this. I love her now.

The big thing in the movie was that they took the singing from the set, they didn't re-record in the studio and lip synch and all that jazz, they took the takes they did. And it was VERY emotional, it really was. I liked it, my only complaint - and it is really one of those compliments in a complaint - was that the music is so freaking beautiful, that when you hear actual broadway singers singing it ON FUCKING POINT, like totally on the note, it is spectacular. The songs are so beautiful. And with the emotional and breathy singing, I missed some of the beauty of the notes and music.

But still, man, by god. Amazing.

The movie felt like a movie, not like a musical trying to fit on a big screen.

And I have to tell you, I haven't cried in the movies like that in a long, LONG time. I told my brother, it got a little ugly at the end, I made some pretty unladylike noises trying to hide my tears.

And the fact that the American public is going to see what is really almost an opera, about a failed revolution in France?


And I found at the end of the night, as I slipped into bed, that I wanted to think about it quietly. Like an illicit kiss taken earlier in the day, I wanted to think about it all by myself, in the peace and quiet of my pillow.

And I did. And I do.

And it inspired me most of all, to make some goddamn art. To stop pussyfooting around and worrying about shallow bullshit.

It's so epic, in the real sense of the word.

I want to be epic.

Les. Miz.

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