Saturday, January 19, 2013


I'm really excited by the novel-writing. Really excited by it.

John and I have been writing a book in our heads ever since we went to Thailand. The book is called Same Same and it's a really great story. I have lots of ideas for stories, I really do, basic ideas for lots of books that I could write and will write some day.

But Same Same is flushed out. We've been talking about it forever.

The other day John and I sat in the Star Wars room and basically mapped out the major plot points of Same Same and it's a REALLY good story. It would also make an exceptional screenplay and I think there are times when we are definitely writing this to also "see" it. But, it's a book first.

And of course, I have no idea how to write a novel right? I mean, I've been reading them all my life. And I think, well, I should look up some thoughts on how to structure a novel.

And of course there are a million ways to structure your novel. But the one thing I noticed on all of the advice sites is intro/setup - something happens, try to fix the thing that happens, get in trouble - finish it...

I mean, what I'm trying to say is, every "novel writing" site I went to told me how to tell a story.

You know what?! I know how to tell a story already!

And I'll tell you what, improv was a huge help with this. I mean we're talking beats and time dashes and how to tie it all up together at the end and status and relationship and timing and I LEARNED ALL THIS TWENTY YEARS AGO.

It's actually really cool.

I tell stories for my job, I tell them for my hobbies.

I can tell them on paper too.

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