Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dead of Winter

No way! Not even close!

I really am learning to dig winter in a big way. I'm not sure what's up but seriously. I'm totally into the cold. I'm into beating it and working with it and being away from it and feeling the seriousness of being in it.

I told John last night I find it easier to find relief from being cold then I do from being hot. Cold doesn't make me feel logey and tired and weird. It's just cold. Anyway.

Things are going well. All kinds of creative things rearing their heads. It's really nice. Working with Harp on our project and now we have our friend Erica in on it toooooo!

Did I mention what this is?

All lesbian version of Sweeney Todd? Did I not mention this?

Anyway, it's going to go up next Sept and end near Halloween. We're just about done with a second draft, so this puppy is written. Most lyrics are written and our next chore is to start hooking up with our musical director. It's not going to be Sondheim music with new songs on it, but original songs with a Sondheimesque feel to them. It's going to be really great. Everytime I wonder about it, as we all must wonder about our creative endeavors sometimes, I read our script again and I start giggling and laughing and sort of marveling at how we did this. So that's a good sign.

Same Same is coming along, I have finished my "pre-work," I have my new Scrivener software, the basic outline is put in there and now it's time to start writing it. I might start doing that in 10 minutes. EEEEK.

I feel good. Life is good.

It's good.


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