Thursday, November 01, 2012


And I for one, am totally cool with that.

Ever since my job became about walking around outside, no matter what, I've come to love winter. Seriously.

Also, since I bought my nice Patagonia coat AND my new boots and hat, it doesn't scare me like it did once.

But also, my tours end! My seasonal tours ended last night, so now it's just Pedway tours for the rest of the winter! And it's so nice. I mean, I love my job we all know this, but to have a *season* and then to have a season that ends, is lovely.

I have time now. I have more time. I have time to clean my office, which some of it just got done today, I have time to work and write, which I'm really excited about. I have time to work on Lost and Found, which I'm also really excited about. And my November is packed with private tours of various sorts, so yes, we'll have less money these upcoming months, but I'm still doing pretty well considering. And I love private tours, so it makes me happy to be doing them.

And I still feel like I haven't really had time to do much since mom, who I've been missing A LOT lately - I think traveling had something to do with that - but now it's quiet. It's cold. My dog sleeps on my lap again. I have my electric blanket, my computer and Survivor and I swear that's what I need more than anything.

I'm rul happy about it.

So...things are pretty good. We have a little money (we're about 2 days from being COMPLETELY OUT OF DEBT!!!!) which is so awesome and we both feel like our trip went well and we both want to keep  moving forward with all that.

And I have a few ideas for Chicago Elevated I want to work on, so it's good.

Oh and I'm doing Nanowrimo again this year (my 4th time), I'll tell you about my story tomorrow, but seriously, I have to go type 2K words.

It's cool.

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