Wednesday, October 24, 2012


October 24th.


We're back, safe and sound. No real problems, no real hassles, a difficult time and an amazing time.

Morocco is not easy. It's not hard like India was hard, but hard, well, because...because.

And even though I didn't fall in love with that country, which is fine, you can't fall in love with all of them, I still really love traveling. I really do. I love walking around all day, getting lost, being confused, wearing dirty clothes sometimes, seeing something new, even if it get's old real quick...

I love it.

So it was great. And we had some really supremely awesome times and some really supremely awful times and I still loved it.


And also, it's really nice to be home. Home is so nice. And the dog is on his way and I really miss that little fart.

And I'm ready to work too, I'm ready to make my work work for me too. Do it the way I want, stop apologizing, rebel within the's what the Hixx does.

Yay. Hi. Obama. I'm so tired.


Melisa said...

I love the Hixx.

Have her call me soon so we can set up a date for pizza. If she has time in between tours. :)

Hixx said...

I will tell her! Her scheduled tours end next week, so she'll have more time in the day for PIZZA!