Thursday, September 06, 2012


Almost a week since my last posting (it's like a confessional over here).


Same same over here. BUSY. So busy. I was talking to my lovely friend Melisa the other day about the mystery of life and how it JUST KEEPS ON GOING. It doesn't stop. This is good. Right?

Life is busy, tours are busy, extra work is busy, MOROCCO is busy and in less than a month. Holy hell.

I will say though that the thing that I've been working a lot on lately is Buddhism.

My brother Andrew was always a buddhist at heart and he would try and talk me through problems using the Buddha. So I always knew some, I read Siddhartha, I knew a little, but since mom got sick and after her death, I started listening to a lot of podcasts, doing a lot of reading and it's really something.

So logical.

We are beings of pure love and it's our  mind and attachments that get in the way. Now, I'm going to talk about some differences between this and "religion" but it's just my opinion okay? k.

So Buddhism, we're all pure love and that's it. We're not sinners, we are not born sinners, we are born as  pure love.

Suffering comes from trying to make things different than they are.
Suffering comes from want. Cravings. Desires.

The answer in Buddhism is in the ground, the earth, what's around us. There is no answer from some unexplained deity up in the sky. This makes more sense to me. There is no "God" in Buddhism. The Buddha himself was just a regular dude like the rest of us. I like this too.

And desires. Oh man. I see that.

Once we find space, room to see our desires, fears, wants...once we get that space we can be more aware of when our mind is ruining it for us. I see this in myself a lot. Trying to make people different than they are, withholding love because someone won't change, trying to force life into a box that will never hold it all.

The trick now is to screw up my guts and get to a place and start meditating - an integral part of this whole thing. But it's really scary for me. I'll get there. I have a few places on my lists to go check out.

But if you want something that helps you by helping your brain and heart, something that's about love and not sin, something that compels you to be quiet and get to know your brain better than ever before and most of all, if you want something to make you CRY, listen to these podcasts:

Tara Brach -

Just listen to one podcast and tell me it doesn't make sense. I DARE YOU.

The four noble truths:

There is suffering in the world (and it is something we all share)
Suffering is caused by want
There is a way to remove suffering
Here's the way...



Melisa said...

I couldn't stop thinking about that suffering business for the rest of the day!!!! SO TRUE.
I may have to squeeze in some time for some reading up on that.

Hixx said...

Hee! It is true. Lots of logic in it. If you really want to go over the edge with it, watch a movie called Fierce Grace. It will make you cry. In good ways. YAY!