Friday, September 21, 2012

Four More Years!

John and I celebrated our four year anniversary yesterday.

And you know what? Even though we're both crazy with Morocco, we had a really nice anniversary.

Now, our first anniversary was nice but we were in the throes of no jobs, no social life and really no fun. That was a hard time. The second year I don't really remember and last year John was out of town.

So yesterday was so so nice. We didn't do much, went to dinner at Glenn's Diner, that's where our celebrations happen really, (by the way, when we lose jobs we go to the Burger King on Irving Park and Clark, don't ask me how this happened but we have lost enough jobs that we've actually done this ritual quite a lot, last time? About 7 weeks ago...) and then we just watched TV and yapped about Morocco.

But the nice thing was, it really felt like a celebration. That we weren't just marking an occasion, but for me, we were celebrating each other and what we've accomplished. Between losing our jobs, losing mom, losing hope quite a few times, where we are now is a really amazing place.

I did this focus group the other day and they kept asking me what in my house I was proud of. Now we all know "things" aren't my thing...and I kept explaining that just the fact that we're here, happy, leaving for Morocco in a few weeks with new cameras and new hiking boots, that we're laughing....that is what I'm most proud of.

Way to go babe, nice work. Congrats!

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Kate said...

Happy belated, Hixx and John! Also, I have to tell you, I am enjoying the hell out of your videos and blog posts from Morocco. :)