Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Week and a HALF

We're getting there now. About 10 days till we leave. One more episode of Survivor...

And it's so fun, it's almost like planning a wedding. There are different tasks depending on how far away the trip is, now we're getting to last minute tasks - like holding our mail, calling the bank to let them know not to cut us off if we charge something in Morocco. Now is the time when people are saying "hey we have to do something before you leave!"

It's kind of awesome.

And you know, I hate leaving here. I hate it. I really do. By the time we get back the leaves will be gone, winter will essentially be here and I wonder if this (to a much lesser degree of course) is how parents feel about leaving their kids.

I want to see Chicago through all of it's changes. I'm sad we'll be missing this.

I like this idea, I think I'll write it as a Chicago Elevated post!

Anyhoo, we're both pretty excited, the apartment is a mess, I am now making hardly any plans with anyone because it's just all filling up really quickly, but already there are tours booked and plans made for when we get back.

I remember traveling to Thailand in 2008. I remember crying on the train back from Chiang Mai because that marked the end of our trip, we had to go home. At that point we had no jobs, no money, nothing...I was scared and honestly, I should have been, what came after that was one of the lowest points ever.

But this time, this time I want to come home (I want to go too, trust me) but I love having a really great life here.

Seth Godin puts it well as he always does:

Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need to escape from.

Boo ya.

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