Monday, August 06, 2012

Okay Okay

A little balance has been found.

According to my new Buddhist podcasts, I'm back in the garden.

It's been a really busy week. Luckily my NUMEROUS (heh) tv appearances are working a little magic and things have gotten busy, which is great. Tours are ramping up, I've been giving a couple a day for most days of the week. Sometimes I love going to them, sometimes I hate it, but I always feel great afterward, so that's something to remember.

John is balancing out a bit I think. Hard to say. But he seems a little more relaxed now. Certainly there's a lot ahead of us that we don't what the fuck is up or how or where or what, but that's okay. In my Buddhist podcasts, change is the only thing we can know for sure. Impermanence.

Also today on my podcast, I learned that the last thing the Buddha had to go through before enlightenment, was doubt.

Interesting, even to the Buddha doubt is the biggest hurdle.

So I'm recommitting to exercise. To meditation - and not the serious don't fuck with it meditation, but maybe 10 minutes where I sit quietly and let my mind relax, let my mind play with what it wants to without letting monkey thoughts creep in.

And recommitting to John and his dreams and what he wants and how we can do that together, but still keeping my independence and alone time which is so important to me.

Recommitting to NOT COMPARING MYSELF TO OTHERS, god I cannot think of anything more dangerous or anything else that makes you feel worse so fast. Facebook is the devil of this.

And to eating better and treating myself better and most of all, some freaking laughter and good times.

S'all good.


Erica said...


That is all.

Mental P Mama said...

All will be well. And Mercury stops all that retrograde crap early tomorrow!

Hixx said...

Thank you ladies!

Anonymous said...

What podcast(s) are you listening to?

Hixx said...

Hey Izz! I'm listening to Alan Watts, Tara Brach (this made me cry), Buddhist Geeks, and Living Zen.