Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So, it happened.

The camel has a broken back and there's a suspicious piece of straw lying next to it.

John quit his job on Friday.

Now, certainly we had been talking about this as an option in our future, most likely after Morocco, 3 months away.

But it happened Friday and I think, nay, I know,  it's going to be okay.

John broke, he just broke. He's been holding it together for a very long time and nothing specific happened he just got shit on one too many times. He loved that place, worked hard for it and they SHIT on him.

So, he quit.

I'm alternately scared to death and proud as hell.

No husband of mine is going to be shit on.

That's why we/I chose this life. We have no children, we have no house, no mortgage, (almost NO DEBT!) and this is why, this is totally why. So that John gets his chance to make something important happen. My husband is a creator of so many different things, he deserves the chance to be happy and the chance to make something for himself.

A few months ago, before mom, etc., I was jealous of people going through big life changes. I LOVE big life changes, that's where the shit happens. That's life, that's growth, change is everything. And John and I were sitting on the couch, no change.

And now, change.

I try to welcome it, I really am working on this. It's an adjustment, suddenly my husband is home, suddenly we're not as flush as we were, it takes some relaxing of cracks.

Also, and I didn't think I would enjoy this, but we've already started to cut down - no more HBO, one Netflix disc, etc.

I'm finding that the paring down is a joy. I want less, not more. We don't need all that stuff.

So, Morocco is still on as it is mostly paid for.

What are we going to do now? What's the plan? We're working on that, but Lost and Found is a huge part of that.

Wish us luck please. We'll take all the good and strong energy we can get.


Kate said...

Good luck to both of you! I'm excited to see where the journey takes you!

Melisa Wells said...

I can't WAIT to see the great things you two are going to do together!

(Mind out of the gutter, please.)

Hendo said...

best of luck to you both. Please let me know if you need anything... I might even be able to help on the job front, if necessary.

Elizabeth said...

Some employer do treat their people sh!tty. I hope this opens their eyes. Being debt free makes things like this much earier...good for you guys! Liz S.

Erica said...

Y'all are inspiring me! Getting closer....

Julene said...

Woot! We call that handing in your resurrection. Best of luck to John (and you) in your new adventures!

Mental P Mama said...

It is going to be wonderful!

Erin said...

I remain in awe. xo