Sunday, June 24, 2012

Revamping, or maybe just vamping

Things are good. They really are. Starting to feel more a part of the world. We've seen some friends, I'm reaching out to others and they're reaching out to me, it's nice. Nice to be back.

I still feel just awful sometimes, but who doesn't. That's life baby.

I'm reading a book called The Gifts of Imperfection. It's on Seth Godin's list and anything on Seth Godin's list is on my list.'s okay so far, about compassion and courage and being who you are and stop yelling at yourself like you would NEVER yell at someone else.

Hard work. But, wouldn't it be nice to shut that voice the hell up? Goldang.

John and I are working hard on Lost and Found. We've decided we have a voice, a voice that's different than most "travelers." We're Americans, we're silly and we are not experts. A lot of people in the travel community are 1. Very serious about what they do. 2. They are experts in traveling.

We are not those things. Therefore, we have a different and important voice. We're going to hone that voice, specify it and start working on creating a new space in the travel community for a couple of loud Americans who don't know what's up.

In that vein, if you would please go like our NEW FB page? We'd appreciate that, we have to rebuild it all up cause when we first started L&F I'm not sure there were "pages." Anyhoo, I need to get peeps over there so we can start JAMMING.

Tours are going well, some full, some empty. 190 North came to the Redlight Tour, that'll be on in July. Also a WGN midday news appearance in August and a possible fun thing in Chicago Magazine, that'd be awesome too. So it's good. Busy. Makes me happy.

Other than that I'm trying to relax me crack. Still not exercising, but have been working on some meditation - it's hard, I can do it for about 10 minutes before I get all hotsy totsy, but like anything else, it's a muscle and I need to build it.

how are you guys? What's up? 

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Melisa Wells said...

I just made a Tyler Florence recipe for Chicken Parmesan that was TO DIE FOR, and for dessert we're having my homemade banana pudding with nilla wafers. It's a food kind of Sunday evening.
Shouldn't Amazing Race be on again soon? I miss it, but only the seasons that were interesting. :)