Friday, April 13, 2012

The Real World

Enough of life and death and taxes.

Let's get down to business:

My grays are growing in, it's starting to be fairly noticeable I think. I would like to walk around with a tshirt on that says "I know my hair looks weird, deal with it." They should make those.

I'm up to 6.5 miles on my long run. It's so awesome. I love running. I'll be bored by June when it gets hot. But I feel like I'm building up my stamina for tour season!

I'm going to karaoke tonight, it's been a really long time.



I cannot believe how passive all these people are. The men are ridiculously stupid and the women are so mean and awful. This whole season is just nasty. I hope Tarzan the Crazy wins the whole stupid thing.

And I hate the reward challenges without Jeff. So dumb.

I just...

I'm also real tired of the Race, seems so boring this year. The beauty of both of these shows that it really was regular people who had an interesting relationship.

Feels like they're both having real troubles with casting and are going too much for "character" instead of just regular people trying to get through it all. And everyone, on both shows, just seems extra mean.

BUT. I still love Survivor.

But Game of Bones...sorry, Thrones, is my favorite thing on TV right now. I await anxiously.

We went to see Titanic 3D, it was so much fun. I was whisked away for 2+ hours and I loved every second of it. That movie holds up, the CG looks great, the movie looked great. Kate and Leo are ADORABLE and it's really a great movie. I recommend doing this. The 3D was really subtle, no boat parts flying out or anything, it just...enlivens it.

That's all I got.

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