Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Not blogging much I guess, but  not much to say. A lot of things right now are in a hold position, and that's okay.

I'm working on a new tour and it relies heavily on getting the "ok" from some of the venues I want to visit. It amazes me how long it takes people to get back to me! I'm tired of waiting, today I'm heading down to these places to talk to them in person. So...that's kind of on a burner.

Mom's maintaining, she's on the burner.

The juggernaut is coming, I worked with Sabrina last night and I have a lot to do, but I still love it, so even though I'm working hard on that, it will be on a burner for awhile.

I have some more business things that I'm waiting for paperwork on, etc. All burners.

So, I'm enjoying my last few moments of winter, summer and tour season is right around the corner, god this winter went FAST. So Fast.

Oh, you know what else is on the burner?


I just don't know. I just don't know about this one camp, one world thing. I don't know about men vs. women. I think it would be better if they were on different camps.

All the women are young and tight and all the dudes are jackholes. I'm a little worried about this season. I know Survivor has always played stereotypes, hell, they're the show that came up with the stereotypes, but it's really strong now. I kind of wish they just had regular people playing again. People struggling and remember when Shane was on and he had to quit smoking??? More stuff like that.

I am definitely not loving this season so far. But I trust my show, so .... it's on the burner.

I am thoroughly enjoying the republican debacle of an election, keep going boys...keep right on going. But I do yell at the TV a lot lately.

Anyway, everything is cool here, I feel good, I look FABULOUS (well, maybe we'll talk about that tomorrow) but everything is fine. It's all just on the burner.

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