Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Heads Up

What a difference a day makes. I feel awesome today. I'm not nearly so gross snot-wise, Buddy is better and my mindpain/chest pull is going away.

I took care of some serious business today, cleaned the sick out of the house, laundry, changed the bed...exercised, first time in almost a week. Felt so good.

Been thinking a lot about anger lately, certainly because of mom and then partly due to the book I've been reading about suppressing rage. I mean, even if this guy is a little "think system" (that's from the Music Man in case you were not brought up in a musical theater house like my own), he kind of tells you that your backache is not a physical problem, so don't worry about it...and leaves you there.

So I'm not sure if I fell for it completely but I absolutely believe that there is a mind/body connection and it's gotta be damn strong. So I'm all for believing my back is healthy and my unconscious is pissed off and it hurts my back.

So I've been working on rage and anger a little. I started meditating some, and if my unconscious is getting all riled up over the little stuff, (traffic, slow movers, etc) wouldn't it help some if I shifted my conscious thinking a little? If I don't see those as little deaths, maybe my unconscious won't either.

If I'm not completely ruled by time, but decide to take a moment, or if I stop worrying so much about EVERYTHING,  maybe that would bring a little room for peace? And health?



Melisa Wells said...


That last paragraph? I just had that same conversation with myself yesterday.

Hixx said...

Let's do it! We can do it together!

On Sunday, when we will totally be ruled by time.